Утисци боравка професора са државног колеџа у Мекону, САД

I wanted  to send one more quick note to tell you thank you for the fantastic experience. I am getting back to work and really just wanted to say that this was one of the best experiences of my life. I wrote a very short article for my personal memoires and figured I would share it if you would like to read.
Thank you and stay in touch!
Johnathan Yerby
Teaching Network Security in Novi Sad, Serbia
I’ve returned from my trip to Serbia where I was invited to teach a course in Network Security at the Higher Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad. First I feel it is imperative that I thank my absolutely fantastic hosts, Božo Nikolić – the director of the college, and Ljiljana Dimitrijević the assistant director. Having the opportunity to teach abroad was one of the best experiences of my professional and personal life.
The leadership of Božo and Ljiljana fosters a professional and friendly atmosphere for all students, staff, and faculty. I was able to teach two groups of students in multiple sections. The large group consisted of over 100 students. The smaller weekend courses had about 25 students. Both groups were very engaged in the material that I was teaching. Both groups of students were extremely respectful and welcoming.
Serbia is one of the best places that I’ve ever visited. The people are extremely friendly, the food is very natural, plentiful, and relatively inexpensive compared to food in America. The country is filled with prideful people that are knowledgeable about the country’s past and present. I was able to visit with some entrepreneurs and IT professional that have great ideas.
The wonderful memories and friendly relationships forged in Novi Sad will stick with me for the rest of my life. I am truly lucky and thankful to my dean, Dr. Koohang, for allowing me to participate in this teaching abroad opportunity. I hope to be able to visit Serbia again in the future to see all of the friends that I made while teaching and learning.
Thank you everyone that made my experience so unforgettable – Some of the great people are: Božo Nikolić, Ljiljana Dimitrijević, Gaga & Dragana, Milorad, Sibila, Maja, Petra, Branka, Zoran, Živko Bogdan, and Martin.
(sorry if I misspelled or left anyone out